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Been Put Into Jail For The First Time? Two Tips To Help You Get Out

by Ian Wallace

If you've been locked up in jail for the first time, you are likely experiencing a flurry of emotions. Because you've never gone through this experience before, it can be difficult to know what to do. The situation is especially compounded if you realize that you don't have a lot of money at your disposal to pay for a lawyer or to take care of your bond amount. Don't become so anxious that you completely lose sight of what you should be doing. Use this information to learn two tips you can use to get out of jail as soon as possible.

Contact A Bail Bonds Company

The first thing you want to do is contact a bail bonds company like Absolute Bail Bonds. Even if you think that your lack of funds will prevent you from getting the bond, there may be ways to work around this.

Understand that the bail amount that was set for you doesn't necessarily have to be paid in cash. Some bail bonds companies will accept collateral as long as it is sufficient enough to take care of the cost of the bail. This means that if you have family heirlooms such as jewelry or paintings, if you own land, or even if you happen to have an antique gun that has sufficient value, you may find that the bail bonds representative will accept this and put up the bail money for you.

Keep in mind that if a bail bonds person does bond you out of jail, it is absolutely vital that you attend each and every court date. Failing to do so could mean that you forfeit the collateral that you put up to secure your release.

Request Weekend Jail

If you're concerned about getting out of jail because you have work or family responsibilities to attend to, requesting weekend jail may be just the ticket for you. With weekend jail, you report to the jail facility for a specified number of weekends until your sentence is fulfilled.  

You can substantiate your request for weekend jail by having a supervisor or manager from your workplace come down to testify to the judge on your behalf.  

Don't think that you just have to stay stuck behind bars. You do have options, and if you use them, you could find yourself out in no time. When you're locked up for the first time, keep these tips in mind so you'll know how to get your freedom back.