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Tips For Looking Your Best In Your First Post-Bail Court Appearance

by Ian Wallace

After you've been arrested and had a friend or family member post bail for you, you'll be given a court date that you must attend. Failing to attend this crucial event could result in your loved one being held financially responsible, which isn't a burden that you want on your shoulders. In the days between your release on bail and your court date, it's important to not only stay out of trouble, but to also make sure that you look your best when it's your time to stand in front of a judge. Here are some things you can do to benefit your appearance.

Clean Up The Best You Can

Looking professional and remorseful can help your court appearance go more smoothly, so think about the ways that you can clean up your physical appearance. This can include making sure that you're freshly shaved on the morning of the court appearance and that your hair is groomed in a respectful, tidy manner. If you're a woman, some makeup is fine, but don't go overboard. If you have tattoos, do what you can to reduce their visibility; this could include covering them with clothing, or even putting some makeup foundation over them.

Get The Right Outfit

You'll feel better about yourself — and cast a better image — if you wear something professional. One of the benefits of being out on bail, rather than held on your charges, is that you can wear proper clothing to your court date, rather than jail-issued attire. A suit is appropriate for men; for women, a jacket and blouse are ideal. If you don't have a surplus of funds — perhaps you've paid back the person who helped you with bail — visit a secondhand store to buy your outfit. Or, see if you can borrow something from someone with the same body size and shape as you.

Do The Little Things

Beyond your grooming and attire, there are a few little things that you can do to look more presentable to the judge. Get to bed in good time the night before your court appearance; this will help you look refreshed. If you're a drinker, stay away from alcohol. It can make you sleepy looking and give you bloodshot eyes; plus, alcohol may be prohibited under the conditions of your bail. Being on time is also critical; partner with someone who is reliable and will be able to get you to court well in advance of your designated time.