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Don't Sell Your Coins For Less Than You Have To

by Ian Wallace

When you are selling your coins, you'll want to get the most money that you can out of them. However, there are some mistakes that coin sellers make that can lead to them not getting the full value of their coins, such as selling coins when they feel desperate. As long as you follow the right practices, you may get the most out of your coin collection.

Don't Sell Your Coins Under Pressure

You'll always want to be in a situation where you are not forced to sell your coins. Otherwise, you may be offered substantially less than you would normally be offered. Normally, the process of selling a coin collection will take as long as two months. You will want to have time to prepare your coin for sale and give the buyer time to pay. 

Sell Coins At the Right Time

You will want to sell your coins during special shows such as the FUN show in January. Buyers will be in the mood to buy coins around this time of the year. 

Have Your Coins Appraised

The most important way to make sure that you get the most money from your coins is to have them appraised. Then, you'll be able to determine how much they are worth. 

Buyers are more willing to purchase your coins if they have confidence in them, and you'll be more likely to receive a larger sum of money. A CAC sticker makes it much more likely that someone will be willing to purchase the coins. You are more likely to sell your coins at an auction, and you are also more likely to sell your coins to a retailer or an end-user. 

Clean Your Coins and Holder

Make sure that everything is very clean before you sell your coin collection. If your coins have scratches on them, they are much less likely to sell.  There are some coins that are very nice but are passed on simply because of their appearance. 

Don't Assume the Coin Worth

Make sure to attribute your coins because there are some coins that are worth more than you might think. You may be dealing with a coin that is actually a rare variety. Send your coins to an attribution service if you do not know how to attribute them yourself. However, when you make sure to follow all of these steps, you can get the most out of your coins.

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