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Tips For Working With A Bail Bond Company

by Ian Wallace

Working with a bail bond company can help you get free from jail as soon as possible. When you're arrested and charged with any sort of criminal act, finding a suitable bail bond is within your right and will protect your quality of life. Consider the tips below to look into help from a bail bond agency that can help you out. 

Make certain that you are eligible for bail bond service

Your first step is to know whether or not you are eligible for bail. After your arrest is processed, the court system will hold a bond hearing in which the judge can either deny bail or set a bail amount for you. The magistrate will consider whether you are a flight risk, whether you're gainfully employed, and whether you have anyone that can vouch for your character. 

Get some character witnesses to speak on your behalf so that you are granted a fair bail amount. Depending on your charges, having your attorney request house arrest pending trial could get you bail and keep you out of jail. 

Find a bail bondsman agency that specializes in the type of bail that you need

Choose a bail bond agency that is accredited so that they can come up with the funding that you need with impeccable customer service. 

When at all possible, choose a bail bond professional that specializes in the charges that you are dealing with. Bail bond agencies do a lot of business with drunk driving charges. Driving under the influence (DUI) charges creates more than $800 billion in damages on an annual basis. Take the time to consult with your bail bond agency over the phone to learn about their specialty and to get the professional work that you need.

Search for the rates and honor all of the terms of the bail bond

Look for the rates that these bail bond professionals will charge you. Each state has a maximum percentage that bail bond agents can charge. The rates that bail bond agents charge will range between 10 percent and 15 percent depending on where you live. 

Take the time to also get help for the case itself. Secure the help of a lawyer that can assist you with the charges. Their rates may cost you between about $150 per hour and upward of $750 per hour. 

Use these tips to get the bail bond assistance that you need. 

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