Teaching Kids to Be Responsible with Money

  • Retiring With No Kids? 3 Ways To Tap Into Your Money Now

    2 October 2019

    Most Americans look forward to retirement, but it also comes with many financial obstacles. As a future retiree with no children to look after — or to look after you — you have unique challenges to deal with as well as unique benefits to look forward to. No matter whether you want to live the retirement life of your dreams or you worry about making ends meet without a family safety net to rely on, the one uniting factor is to tap into your financial assets sooner rather than later.

  • Loans, Loans, And More Loans: What Kind Interests You?

    7 August 2019

    When you need a loan for something, where do you go? You could go to several banks, all to be turned down for this or that reason, or denied the loan because it is too small of an amount for the banks to bother with it. You could also go to any number of loan centers, where there are all kinds of loans and all kinds of interest rates to help you.

  • Don't Sell Your Coins For Less Than You Have To

    28 May 2019

    When you are selling your coins, you'll want to get the most money that you can out of them. However, there are some mistakes that coin sellers make that can lead to them not getting the full value of their coins, such as selling coins when they feel desperate. As long as you follow the right practices, you may get the most out of your coin collection. Don't Sell Your Coins Under Pressure

  • Video Banking Apps May Assist The Loan Applicant Experiencing Difficulties

    26 March 2019

    The growth of technology impacts virtually every business. Banking and financial services face no exclusions, and customers appreciate the helpful tech. Online banking via smartphone apps helps people on the go check balances and more. Unfortunately, when something urgent arises, a bank's customer finds him/herself stuck placing a phone call, sending an email, or entering a traditional, early 2000s-style chat room. A welcome improvement soon comes down the financial technology pike: two-way interactive video.

  • 3 Must-Have Professionals For Anyone With A Small Business

    8 January 2019

    If your business is successful, you will reach a point in your success where handling all the legal and financial aspects are overwhelming or even risky. There are some business professionals you must have on your team. 1. Legal Although your business might not be large enough to keep a lawyer on the payroll, you will need occasional consultations with a legal professional. In the earlier stages of a small business, you may need to discuss issues, such as legitimizing your business, trademarks, and copyrights.

  • 5 Reasons to Consider Opening a Commercial Bank Account

    26 October 2018

    Whether you're just about to start a new business or you're already a busy owner, it can pay to have a commercial bank account. Trying to keep your business finances separate from your personal bank account can be almost impossible. Luckily, there are many great commercial banking solutions for business owners just like you. Here are the reasons why you should consider opening a commercial bank account for your business needs:

  • Proactive Tips For A Healthier Relationship With Your Credit Cards

    17 August 2018

    Consumer debt levels are rising. In fact, according to recent statistics furnished by one of the three main credit reporting industry giants, the average credit card holder in American now carries a balance of $6,375, which is a three percent increase in just the past year. Since there is no doubt that access to consumer credit can be an important financial tool, finding ways to manage it more effectively is critical for building household wealth.